The dream of owning a home surrounded by a charming white picket fence isn’t just some antiquated notion. Having a picket fence surrounding your property is actually quite an aesthetic draw, as well as a practical solution for surrounding your property. At All Counties Fence & Supply, we have been providing and installing all manner of fences and related materials to the Riverside and San Bernardino counties since 1978. Because of our extensive experience in the field, we feel we can share with confidence the top aesthetic and practical benefits of having a picket fence. Please read on to learn more.

  1. Made with Quality Materials to Last

Particularly when you work with a company like All Counties Fence & Supply, you can rest assured that your picket fence will be made with the finest quality wood or vinyl so that it will stay standing for ages. Our experts will also install your fence to keep it strong and sturdy no matter what the natural elements have in store.

2. Adds Marketability to Your Home

When you have a beautiful and durable picket fence surrounding your property, it certainly won’t hurt the value of your home. In fact, it will actually boost the marketability of your property, as potential buyers will no doubt love the look and practicality of a picket fence.

      3. The Retro Look is Always in!

Okay, okay, picket fences may make some people think they are looking at the Cleaver family home in “Leave it to Beaver” from the late 1950s, but retro is always in style when it comes to design. Plus, at All Counties Fence & Supply, we always have ways of taking something classic, like a picket fence, and making it look modern, such as painting it a unique color, or crafting it out of vinyl. That way, your picket fence is a nod to a bygone era, while still being undoubtedly modern and slick.

4. Creates Security without Looking Harsh

Like any fence surrounding your property, a picket fence will add a layer of security and privacy. You can also choose the height of your fence for added security, depending on your needs. But unlike many types of fencing, a picket fence will never look harsh or unfriendly.

      5. Is Charming in Appearance

Back to the aesthetics – picket fences always look charming! As listed above, they add just as much security as any fence will, but the fact that they are made with thin posts that tend to be carved along the top make picket fences ever charming. And that cannot be said for other fencing. It’s all a matter of how you want your property to appear to others, and with a picket fence, people will certainly be charmed.

If you choose to have a beautiful and practical picket fence added to your home, contact us at All Counties Fence & Supply to have the most exceptional fence installed by our team of professional experts. Our goal is to provide the best customer experience combined with the highest-quality fencing installation. We also provide free estimates. Call us today at 951-339-2585 or stop by our store in Riverside to find out more information.