Having your own pool at home has many benefits. It allows you and your family to cool off from the scorching heat, and it can be a great source of entertainment. However, it also comes with additional responsibilities. The statistics on unintentional child drownings is grim – roughly, 350 children under the age of five drown in backyard pools each year. Different countries have since adopted stricter pool fencing laws. In the US, several states also created individual pool fence laws that comply with the International Code Council (I.C.C). Read about why you should fence your pool with a glass wall fence.

Pool fences come in different materials. Aside from ensuring the safety of your kids, it can affect the entire appeal of your house and backyard. There used to be a common misconception that installing a glass wall fence is counterproductive because glass is supposed to be fragile. Most homeowners also think it comes with a hefty price tag. A glass fence may not be as cheap as wood, but its low-cost maintenance makes it more economical than other types of fence materials. Breakages are rare unless extreme force is placed on the glass. Glass wall fencing is now a popular option for homeowners and commercial establishments–here’s why:

  1. It is aesthetically attractive. You can childproof your pool without sacrificing design aesthetics. Choose pool fence materials that can enhance your property instead of creating an eyesore. A glass fence can surely draw more glances than a wooden fence. It is simply stunning and elegant. It enhances the appearance of your pool and adds a classic touch to it. It can turn any house into a resort-like vacation home. Who doesn’t want that?
  2. It is easy to clean and maintain. In contrast to other fences, a glass fence doesn’t require a lot of work to maintain. It doesn’t rot and you don’t need to re-paint it. A local carpenter won’t be necessary to replace a broken picket. To clean your glass fence: a dishwashing liquid or vinegar is all you need.
  3. It is durable. A glass fence can stand the test of time. It is not prone to rust and decay. The glass used for most fence installations is made of tempered glass – thick and toughened up for heavy industrial use. Although it doesn’t make it shatterproof, it is tough enough to withstand cracking. Chlorinated pool chemicals can’t damage your glass fence, making it the best choice for fencing off pools.
  4. It gives an unobstructed view of the pool. Safety is the main concern for installing pool fences. Using wood, steel, and other non-transparent materials can limit your line of sight and deplete its purpose. Glass makes it easier to keep a watchful eye on the pool from anywhere in the yard. You can even see the pool from inside the house if you have a window or entryway that offers a good view. Because there are no footholds, it will be difficult for children to climb the fence and access the pool without adult supervision. Frameless glass wall fences can be more expensive but can provide a totally unobstructed view of your pool area.
  5. It compliments any landscape. You can incorporate different designs when installing glass fences around your pool. You can go frameless or semi-frameless. Since it is transparent, it can easily blend in with any type of materials, such as metal fastening systems if you’re vying for a contemporary look, or wooden decks if you want a cozier pool area. Whether you like an ultra-modern or classic look, glass works well with any furnishings. Installing waterfall weir and pool lights will also make it more inviting.