There are many reasons to want a fence for your property, but one of the most common is for securing dogs in the yard. On the surface, this can seem like an easy decision: just pick a fence with small enough slats or other openings that the dog cannot squeeze through and you are good to go. But in practice, this is a much harder decision to make. To help, let’s look at the things you need to consider when choosing the best fence for your dog.

How High Can You Go?

Or rather, how high should you go? The answer will vary depending on the dog in question. If your dog is fully grown, you likely already know if you are dealing with a jumper or not. However, if your dog is still young or you are uncertain, it’s best to look at the habits of the breed. Certain breeds are just crazy about jumping and can easily clear your average fence. Larger breeds are also a jump risk just due to their size. If your dog is a jumper, skip the standard 4-foot fencing options and look for 6-foot options or even taller.

The Climbing Concern

Even if the fence is too high to jump or your dog isn’t the jumping kind, climbing is a concern. Some types of fencing make climbing easier than others. For example, chain-link fencing offers lots of little foot holds that your dog can make use of to scale the fence, then jump down to the other side. If you know your dog is a climber or are worried they might be, it is best to look at fence styles that don’t make it easy on them.

Visibility In and Out

We think of privacy fences as a way of stopping people from seeing in, but an added benefit is that they can stop your dog from seeing out as well. If you have a dog that gets stressed over seeing people walking by or gets excited by squirrels and other wildlife, a privacy fence is a good option. It serves to reduce the stress your dog feels while also cutting down on negative behaviors, like barking.

The Invisible Option

Depending on where you are located, regular fencing styles may not be allowed or just may not be feasible for you. In this case, invisible fences are an option. However, it’s important to realize that they don’t work for every dog. If your dog is already a challenging dog or has behavior issues, these types of fences can be ineffective at best and harmful at worst.

The Diggers

Some dogs love to dig, even if they aren’t bored. The problem with digging near the fence line is that it can allow your dog to escape. If your dog is a digger, you will want a fence option that sits under the ground more than most options, making it far more difficult to dig under.

For Your Perfect Fence, Turn to All Counties Fence and Supply

No matter the needs of your dog, we have the fencing that will keep your best friend happy and safe. Talk to us about your pet and we will find the perfect option for you. Give us a call or stop by our showroom today.