Putting up a fence is often one of the finishing touches to our homes. They provide privacy, safety for our pets, and create a complete, cohesive look for our living spaces. Whether it’s the traditional white picket fence or a modern glass wall, we can view fences as a reflection of how we want people to see us. Are we quirky and unique? Clean and innovative? That being said, sometimes we want a little more of a statement from our fences. Here are five imaginative ways to decorate your new fence. Trust us, you’ll want to try every one of these.

  1. Planters and Garden Walls: These aren’t your traditional planters! Fences can be used as a great tool to hold vertical planters of all shapes, sizes and styles. From functional (you can plant edible plants of all kinds in many different sizes of planters), to low maintenance (high-end looking artistic planters often use air plants which need virtually no water), they can take your fence up a notch while providing extra greenery. The best part of this is that you can do a major DIY project that provides inexpensive materials, or purchase a ready made variety of planters.
  2. Repurposed Picture Frames: If want more of a unique aesthetic for your plain fence, look no further than a thrift store or art supply shop. Find a variety of cheap picture frames and spray paint them a bold or complimentary color that inspires you. Maybe you want a sea blue to match your beach-themed home, or what about gold to compliment your lux lifestyle? Arrange them in such a way that looks like modern art put to life. This will give your home and fence interesting and artistic curb appeal without being over the top. The best part of this crafty idea? If you’re looking to get festive: you could decorate them for the holidays!
  3. Modern Fence Murals: When we think of murals, what do we think of? A giant, detailed piece of art? A painting in a children’s bedroom? Think again. Whether they are made with wood or brick, if we want to spruce up our fences, it’s time to get geometric. Type in “geometric printable stencils” online and you’ll get a slew of options to create an ultimate modern patterned fence. These designs are subtle yet bold, adult and modernistic, and showcase your own unique eye for style. There’s no end to the kinds of designs you can create, and you don’t have to have a background in design to do it!
  4. Add Some Sparkle: There is nothing more warm and inviting than twinkle lights. Used year around, these white lights create an intimate and party-like atmosphere, inviting guests into your home with a touch of magic. They can surround the inside of your backyard for a pool party soiree, or the outside of your fence to show your whimsical curb appeal. Twinkle lights can be easily moved, removed and replaced as well, providing little to no damage to your new fence.
  5. Windows for Every Style: If you love a rustic flair, finding old, weathered window frames and hanging them on your fence shows a lovely and retro personal aesthetic. If you find a treasure trove of multiple windows, you could add planters, or small decorations to really create a personalized scene. There are so many varieties–some with shutters, four panels, different hues of paint, to name a few. You’ll be hard pressed to not find one that speaks to you and your fence decoration goals.

Between murals, windows, planters and more, there’s no end to decorating your picturesque new fence. Finding something as unique as you is important. As you live in your home and go about your life, putting the final embellishments on your fence will make you feel truly at home.

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