Gazebos are beautiful garden structures that have been traced back to the Egyptians, who built and enjoyed gazebos over 5,000 years ago. Since then, these outdoor structures have evolved and changed. They have made their way into just about every culture, including in ancient Rome, China and Japan. In the middle ages, the French and English also built gazebos, using them as entertaining venues in the garden.

Today, our enchantment with gazebos hasn’t changed much. They are attractive outdoor structures that create the perfect space for enjoying the garden and fresh air. However, there are many creative uses for gazebos that you may not have considered. Here are some of our suggestions for how you might use a gazebo on your property:

1. The Outdoor Dining Room

Whether you build a gazebo as an extension of your deck or place the gazebo in your garden, you can use it as your outdoor dining room. Instead of seating around the edge of the gazebo, opt for adding patio furniture and a table for a wonderful outdoor dining experience. For evening meals, add a rustic chandelier to your gazebo.

2. Entertaining

Whether you head out to your gazebo for an intimate evening for two or with a group of friends, you can make your gazebo into the perfect entertaining area. Opt for built in seating around the edge of the gazebo and add cushions and pillows for extra comfort. For a different kind of seating, hang a swinging bed from the roof of your gazebo! This is perfect if you intend for the gazebo to offer a quiet retreat for just one or two people.

Some gazebos take outdoor entertainment to the next level by including additional features. If your gazebo is large enough, add a mini-bar to your gazebo. You can install a small refrigerator and keep a selection of drinks and glasses on hand to serve up cocktails in the garden. Another popular option is to hang a tv from one of the sides of the gazebo. You’ll love watching movies in the open air with the chirp of crickets beside you.

3. Hot Tub House

Gazebos can be perfectly adapted for hot tubs and jacuzzis! Opt for a square shaped gazebo rather than the traditional octagon so that the hot tub will fit perfectly. Add some hooks and shelving for towels and clothing along the edge of your gazebo and you’ll have the perfect haven for your hot tub.

4. Wedding Gazebo

Although you may not host a lot of weddings on your property, a wedding themed gazebo can be the perfect garden accessory. In addition to providing a beautiful shaded area from which to enjoy your garden, a wedding-style gazebo is the perfect spot for taking pictures. Whether you take photos to commemorate an anniversary, special school dances, engagement, birthdays or a wedding, it’s the perfect backdrop.

Another benefit of wedding style gazebos? They are often made out of wood, but coated in white vinyl. This means the surfaces are easy to clean and are well protected from rot. A gorgeous white gazebo is the perfect, easy to maintain addition to your garden.

5. Poolside Refuge

If you own a pool, you know the benefits of having a shaded space nearby to relax and take a break. Consider installing a new gazebo close to your pool. It’s the perfect place for adults to watch kids splash around in the water or to take a break between dips in the pool.

As you can see, gazebos can be versatile and be used for a variety of purposes. Which is your favorite?

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