When you think about fences, you probably picture full-height structures that help keep your property secure. But, did you know that fencing can help you achieve many other objectives? For example, a small fence can help enhance your property’s appeal in ways both functional and decorative. Let’s take a closer look at some of the tried-and-true uses of this fencing option.

Create a Border for Your Yard

Yards come in a wide variety of layouts and formats. In some cases, you may lack a robust distinguishing point between your property and the surrounding environment. If that’s true, a low fence may provide an excellent solution. At the front of your property, it can create a solid border between your yard and any adjacent sidewalks. Also, in the back, a low fence can add visual appeal without impeding your favored views.

Picket fences are a standard option for front-yard fencing. However, you have other options. For example, you can add a touch of grandeur by installing wrought iron instead.

Create Garden Borders

Whether filled with flowers or vegetables, gardens are popular additions to residential properties. However, if not well-maintained, they can quickly turn from an oasis into an eyesore. A low fence can help you keep things tidy by forming a hard border between your garden and your yard. That way, your property’s visual appeal can remain high even if your maintenance efforts lag behind schedule. The presence of a fence will also protect your yard from inaccurate tilling and other gardening mishaps. As an added bonus, a fence that’s two feet or higher will help keep the critters out.

You have a broad range of options when choosing materials for a garden fence. The list includes pickets and split rails. It also contains latticework that allows your fencing to double as a support for vine plantings.

Create Boundaries for a Children’s Play Area

If you have children, you face specific issues when they play outside. First and foremost, you face the possibility that they may get injured if they wander off your property. Also, you may have to deal with a yard constantly cluttered with toys. A low fence can help you solve both of these issues. By creating an effective boundary, it can help you reduce the risks of accidents. Besides, you can create a separate space within your yard reserved for your kids’ use. This space can provide safety while also helping you keep the rest of your property toy-free.

Beautify Outdoor Storage Areas

Depending on the layout of your home, you may have no indoor space for garbage bin storage. You may also lack adequate space for equipment such as shovels or leaf blowers. When relegated to the outdoors, storage areas can interfere with your desired visual aesthetic. However, if you install low fencing in these areas, you can turn a minus into a distinctive plus.

Even a short run of fencing can help elements placed in front of it look more orderly and organized. As a rule, wood and wood-colored vinyl have the most significant positive impact in storage areas. That’s because they tend not to look dingy when exposed to dirt, mud or muck.

Finish Off Your Outdoor Grilling Station

Outdoor grills are perennially popular add-ons to homes across America. When necessary, you can install these workhouse appliances even in super-tight spaces. However, many dedicated cooks chose to create separate areas for their grilling stations.

Besides the grill itself, one of the most basic elements of an outdoor grilling station is a concrete pad. Unfortunately, on its own, a slab of concrete can look cold and unappealing. To add interest and flair, consider adding a low fence. In these circumstances, a half-height installation has benefits beyond beautification. First, it can help you mark the borders of your cooking domain. It will also allow you to maintain social contact with people in other backyard areas.

Masonry and brick are potential options for your designated grilling station. You may also opt for a wrought-iron installation. This dark material can make it easier to mask any heat effects caused by proximity to your grill.

Do It Yourself or Choose a Fencing Pro

Whatever your reasons for installing low fencing, you may decide to do the work yourself. In many cases, this is a perfectly viable option. On the other hand, you may have no desire to take on a DIY project. If so, just contact a trusted fencing pro in your area. No matter the scale of your intentions, a professional installer will help you achieve your goals with minimal fuss or hassle.