Iron fencing provides a classic, yet simple appearance while creating a strong fortification for anything it encloses. Though iron fences are the ideal choice for protecting your property, if it isn’t properly maintained it will weather over time, downgrading some of the strength for which you selected it in the first place, as well as ruining its aesthetic appeal. All Counties Fence and Supply is Southern California’s leading supplier of iron fences and related accessories, and we know the tips and tricks to help you maintain the iron fence you have surrounding your property, whether it serves your commercial building or residence.

Let’s examine some of the ways you can easily maintain the beauty of your iron fence and keep it working for you for many years to come.

  • Remove Rust

Our unique climate in Southern California can take a toll on our iron fences, as they are constantly exposed to humidity and moisture in the air, making iron victim to the process of oxidation. Over time, your iron fence will show the signs of oxidation with rust patches. Rust is the number one enemy of iron fences, and needs to be removed on the first signs of its appearance. This can be accomplished using a fine wire brush. Make sure to lay a tarp beneath the wrought iron fence to catch flakes, wear gloves, and carefully brush away all points of rust along the fence, paying special attention to the post and joints.

  • Wax Surface of Iron Fence

If you do not see signs of rust on your iron fence, or after you have removed all the rust after initially spotting it, it is ideal to apply a coat of wax to the fence exterior. This will create a protective sealant which will help prevent oxidation from occurring in the future, saving you time and money in the long run.

  • Clean Your Iron Fence

Cleaning the surface of your iron gate is simple to do, and an excellent way to maintain its appeal and durability. Simply mix dish detergent with warm water and gently rub along the fence, removing any dirt or excess rust flakes. Rinse it with water, and allow the surface of the iron to dry before doing anything else. Repeat this process bi-monthly.

  • Paint Your Iron Fence

Once your iron fence is free from rust, dirt and debris, you can paint it to add an extra barrier between the iron and the elements, further preventing oxidation. Painting your fence can also enhance its beauty, and of course you can choose any color and style you think suits it best. After the paint has dried, it’s also a great idea to apply a coat of all-weather sealant to really ensure it is protected from weathering.

  • Regularly Inspect Your Iron Fence

Depending on what your fence is protecting, you may not have the opportunity to spontaneously inspect it during your daily routine. But as with many things in life, prevention is key! It’s best to closely inspect your iron fence, from top to bottom and from one end to the other, keeping a special eye on joints and grooves. If you do this every 2 to 4 weeks, more so during periods of heavy rain, you can spot any rust spots as they crop up and immediately repair them, preventing oxidation from spreading.

As you can see, maintaining an iron fence isn’t impossible. It’s takes some time, skill, and attention, but hopefully we’ve helped you feel more confident about tackling the job. An iron fence can make a beautiful addition to your property and is the sturdy choice for keeping your assets protected from outsiders, but you also have to keep the fence itself safe from outside elements. Vigilance is key to keeping your iron fence strong and appealing for ages to come.

If you have any questions concerning your iron fence, or if you are wondering if a durable, gorgeous iron fence is the right choice for you and your property, contact us at All Counties Fence and Supply at 951-780-9300, or stop by our retail store and showroom in Riverside, and we’ll happily assist you.