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Thinking about starting a fencing or outdoor project in San Bernardino, California? Before you go any further, make a call to the time-tested professionals at All Counties Fence and Supply. We’re the reliable source for your San Bernardino residence or business.

We specialize in delivering a first-rate customer experience. In line with this unwavering focus, we offer free materials and services estimates for all residential and commercial jobs. In addition, we provide great labor and materials warranties, as well as mill-direct pricing on our vast inventory of wood fences. Your list of available options also includes:

  • Iron Fences
  • Vinyl Fences
  • Chain Link Fences
  • Lodge Pole & Pipe Rail Fences
  • Cable Fences
  • Glass Wall Fences

Need help selecting your desired products or services? Just let us know at (951) 780-8717.

Mill-Direct Pricing

all counties fence supply wood fencing san bernardinoIn San Bernardino and other communities, fencing retailers pay a reduced, mill-direct price when purchasing their lumber inventories. This price is, in essence, a wholesale discount for buying in bulk and helping suppliers maintain steady business. Once they receive this discount, retailers usually try to increase their profits by setting a price that represents a substantial markup for their customers. This fact helps explain the premium that most people pay for quality fencing lumber.

All Counties Fence and Supply bucks this trend by offering top-notch cedar and redwood at mill-direct prices to all customers in the City of San Bernardino and greater San Bernardino County. Instead of busting your budget while completing your commercial or residential job, you’ll receive the same cost benefits as large-scale purchasers. In addition, you’ll get the benefits of shopping with an established, family-owned company.

Free Estimates

When you’re trying to complete a fencing, landscaping or hardscaping project, the last thing you need is an unexpected cost overrun caused by an inaccurate pricing quote. This type of avoidable setback can significantly boost the final price of your San Bernardino-area home or business project. And in a worst-case scenario, it can also lead to a temporary or permanent project shutdown.

At All Counties Fence and Supply, we feature free, transparent price estimates on all installations and supplies. Built into our system are accurate breakdowns of all labor costs, as well as costs for all required materials. This “no surprises” approach allows you to create your budget without fear of running into unanticipated pricing issues later on.

Reliable Warranties

all counties fence supply vinyl fencing san bernardinoAll reputable fencing and outdoor supplies companies will do their level best to provide you with quality work that’s free from problems or defects. However, even the most well-intentioned providers can make mistakes or experience unforeseen quality control issues. Your only protection in this kind of situation is an ironclad warranty for all materials and labor used for your project.

Every day of the year, we stand by our commitment to providing you with the best possible products and services. As part of this commitment, All Counties Fence and Supply offers clearly stated, enforceable warranties for all purchases and installations. These warranties feature 365 days of protection for all residential and commercial customers. Purchasers of our highly regarded Ply Gem vinyl fencing also receive an additional limited lifetime warranty on those products.

Extensive Inventory

Dozens of home improvement stores in the greater San Bernardino area maintain an inventory of fencing and outdoor supplies. However, since those stores are not specialized, they typically offer a limited range of options to their customers. What’s more, these offerings often come at a relatively high price point not justified by factors such as original quality or long-term durability. The result can be a frustrating shopping experience.

All Counties Fence and Supply is the regional leader in the fencing and outdoor supplies industry. Where big-box stores feature small or incomplete inventories, we feature a vast array of products used for all manner of projects. Crucially, you’ll never have to worry about paying an outrageous price for your needed items. You can also rest assured that everything you purchase will meet your expectations for short- and long-term reliability.

Installation Expertise

all counties fence supply chain link fencing san bernardinoIn San Bernardino and greater San Bernardino County, an untold number of companies and contractors market themselves as fencing, landscaping or hardscaping installers. However, when picking your provider, you must keep one thing in mind. While anyone can advertise their services for these projects, the pool of truly qualified professionals is much smaller. In addition, even some professionals lack the skill or training required to complete extensive or complex outdoor jobs.

For four decades, All Counties Fence and Supply has kept a tight focus on outdoor installation expertise. Whether you plan to undertake minor residential work or a major commercial project, our staff of highly trained and experienced providers is standing by to assist you. It’s important to note that we also hold a general contractor license. This qualification underscores our commitment to quality, as well as our proven ability to tackle even the most demanding jobs.  

Trustworthy Advice

Anyone planning an outdoor project must take a lot of factors into account, including budgeting, scheduling and the need to identify the most suitable materials for the work at hand. In today’s world, a web search can provide you with some useful general information. However, even the best step-by-step article cannot provide you with the same level of knowhow and confidence as a consultation with a seasoned professional. By taking the time to find trustworthy, personalized advice, you can significantly reduce the potential for an unsatisfactory project outcome.

In all of San Bernardino, you won’t find a more experienced, dedicated source for outdoor supplies and services than All Counties Fence and Supply. We consider it our responsibility to provide you with accurate advice that helps you make the most of your fencing, landscaping or hardscaping venture. In fact, we’re only satisfied when you’re satisfied.

Premier Customer Service

all counties fence supply iron fencing san bernardinoAlong with our commitment to reliable advice, All Counties Fence and Supply commits to providing the industry’s best customer service. No matter where you are in San Bernardino, you can expect friendliness and a genuine desire to meet your personal or business needs. You can also expect accommodating schedules, tidy and time-conscious work crews and an installation process that respects the integrity of your property in all circumstances.

For more information about San Bernardino’s number one source for fencing and outdoor services, contact us today.


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I can't say enough about All Counties Fence & Supply!!! Chris new I needed a fence right away for the security of my dogs and he made sure the waiting time was minimum. The job from start to finish was A++++++++++++++++++++++++++ quality, cleanliness, on time and a bunch a very professional workers. I'm so happy that we went with this company that was highly recommended by a close friend!!!! Our fence looks amazing and we are so happy. Thank you!!