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In the City of Wildomar, family-owned All Counties Fence and Supply puts top-quality fencing, outdoor services, and supplies within reach of homeowners, business owners, and professional contractors. Every day, we work to uphold our 40-year track record for affordability, reliability and industry-leading expertise. Regardless of the scope of your project, our staff of in-house professionals provides the assistance needed to bring your vision to life.


all counties fence supply wood fencing wildomarChain Link Fences – Many favor chain link fencing for its low initial expense, minimal maintenance requirements, and versatility. You’ll find products in this category in all manner of residential and commercial settings, as well as at a broad range of recreational facilities. All Counties is your resource for brand-new chain link installations and replacement of existing fencing. An embedded, super-durable layer of fire-rated glass in all our products adds even more value to your purchase.

Wood Fences – In communities across California and the rest of the U.S., wood fences often dominate the landscape. That’s because products made from wood combine some of the most desirable fencing characteristics, including a natural appearance, nearly endless stylistic choice, reduced maintenance needs and a high rating for privacy. Cedar and redwood, two of the longest-lasting options available, form the core of our wood fencing inventory. We also stock Rightwood, a top-quality wood alternative that offers an organic look and maximized durability.

Vinyl Fences – In the early years of the vinyl fencing industry, many of the products released on the market were inferior regarding both quality and visual appeal. Today, the industry has matured by leaps and bounds, and top-end vinyl products can meet even the strictest demands for looks and reliability. What’s more, even superior fences in this category won’t put a significant dent in your purchasing budget. Ply Gem is All Counties’ spotlight provider for vinyl fencing. This company enjoys a well-deserved reputation for manufacturing excellence.

Iron Fences – Wrought iron is both the literal and figurative heavyweight in the fencing world. For hundreds of years, homeowners and business owners have turned to this product when they want to combine outstanding aesthetics with excellent toughness, property protection, and sightline preservation. The installation bill for iron fencing may cause some initial concern. However, a high durability factor typically leads to significant savings on long-term repair and replacement needs. All Counties sells iron fences made from galvanized tubular steel, the modern update on the traditional wrought-iron format. This material matches its iron counterpart in all core respects and also simplifies the demands of priming, painting and powder coating.

Specialty Fences – Specialty fencing is a hybrid category that features both design-forward products and products intended for use outside of typical residential or commercial settings. Design-conscious specialty fences installed in private and public environments utilize materials such as glass and decorative metal cables. Fences made from heavy-duty piping or wooden poles are used most often as boundary markers and animal enclosures on farms and ranches. No matter which of our diverse products suit your needs, we’ll install them with expert care and attention to the most exquisite detail.

Outdoor Services

all counties fence supply vinyl fencing wildomarOutdoor modifications are common on residential and commercial properties located in Wildomar and other Riverside County communities. At All Counties Fence and Supply, we offer services that help you complete a vast range of outdoor projects. From the opening stages of the planning process to the final phase of installation, our staff of seasoned professionals is there for you. Our list of primary services includes:

Landscaping – Outdoor projects have a landscaping component whenever they require the installation of trees, shrubs or other currently living materials. As a rule, proper support of this kind of work also calls for the installation of unseen support elements such as watering and drainage lines. The professionals at All Counties can tackle the visible and behind-the-scenes features of any landscaping endeavor, regardless of its size or complexity.

Hardscaping – Outdoor projects have a hardscaping component whenever they call for the installation of structures made from rock, masonry, wood or other non-living materials. Many homeowners and business owners prefer a balanced approach that blends both living and non-living elements into a seamless whole. Whether separate or part of a more massive project, we specialize in hardscaping installations such as decks, gazebos, driveways, walkways, paths, pergolas and driveways. We’re also experts in the installation of artificial water features such as streams and fountains.

Walls – A wall constructed from stone or other super-hard materials is a form of hardscaping. However, even service providers capable of handling different types of hardscaping projects made find themselves out of their depth when attempting to erect a wall that meets your needs for safety, durability and visual panache. In stark contrast, All Counties specializes in high-quality wall construction. Whether your plans call for a structural or decorative installation or any combination of the two, we’ll engineer a product that meets all professional standards.

Proudly Serving the City of Wildomar

all counties fence supply iron fencing wildomarIncorporated in 2008, Wildomar is one of the youngest municipalities in Riverside County. It was an unincorporated area of the same name, as well as a neighboring unincorporated area called Sedco Hills. Today, Wildomar serves as home for roughly 36,000 residents. The city sits just east of Lake Elsinore, one of Southern California’s most well-known natural bodies of water. Other nearby landmarks include Canyon Lake, Diamond Valley Lake and Ortega Falls and Tenaja Falls, both located in the Santa Ana Mountains.

All Counties Fence and Supply’s home base is located north of Wildomar in the City of Riverside. Since the 1970s, we’ve served Riverside County and San Bernardino County with an unbeatable selection of affordable, high-quality products and outdoor services. Whether you’re planning a residential or commercial project, we provide you with the verified expertise needed to achieve the best possible results. Contact us today for a free estimate, or stop by our Riverside showroom for a hands-on demonstration of your preferred products.


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I can't say enough about All Counties Fence & Supply!!! Chris new I needed a fence right away for the security of my dogs and he made sure the waiting time was minimum. The job from start to finish was A++++++++++++++++++++++++++ quality, cleanliness, on time and a bunch a very professional workers. I'm so happy that we went with this company that was highly recommended by a close friend!!!! Our fence looks amazing and we are so happy. Thank you!!