In the City of Jurupa Valley and surrounding Riverside cities, All Counties Fence and Supply is your go-to source for fencing installation and materials. We also offer the region’s most extensive range of contracted outdoor services. No matter the scope of your residential or commercial project, you can rely on our decades of accumulated expertise and thorough understanding of the requirements for working in our unique corner of Southern California.


Wood Fences – For many property owners, wood fences strike the perfect balance between stylistic choice, pleasing appearance and privacy preservation. When professionally installed and well-cared for, fences in this category have the added bonus of durability in a broad range of climates. All Counties Fence and Supply offers a wide selection of highly prized cedar and redwood fencing materials for installation. Our inventory also includes the composite alternative Rightwood, known for its combination of optimal characteristics. An emphasis on mill-direct pricing keeps all wood fencing options in budget-friendly territory.

Chain Link Fences – Fences made from chain link are noted and favored for their versatility. Of course, you’ll find them widely employed as perimeter markers for residential and commercial properties. Other possible uses for chain link products include the creation of sports court enclosures, pet enclosures and security barriers. In addition to their versatility, fences in this category provide excellent value for money spent and can last for extended periods of time without any major maintenance efforts. We exclusively stock premium chain link that features inlaid strands of fire-rated glass. Along with new installations, we specialize in the removal and replacement of these fences.

Iron Fences – Whether you focus on visual enhancement or day-to-day functionality, iron fences fit the bill. That’s because they combine ornamental beauty with rock-solid performance in all kinds of climates. As a rule, an iron fence will cost you a bit more at purchase time. However, in terms of durability and reduced maintenance concerns, you’ll typically reap the ongoing rewards of your investment. All Counties’ iron fences are actually constructed from galvanized steel of the highest quality. We find this material provides all the benefits of traditional iron fencing while making it easier to apply primer and your preferred brand of powder coating or paint.

Vinyl Fences – TIf you tried to purchase vinyl fences a couple of decades ago, your choices were largely limited to inferior products that lacked both aesthetic appeal and durability. Today, this situation has changed dramatically, and you can easily find high-quality vinyl products suitable for a range of fencing applications. What’s more, fences in this category have remained relatively low-cost. All Counties proudly serves as the Riverside County retailer for Ply Gem, a well-regarded vinyl fencing company that emphasizes both excellence and affordability.

Specialty Fences – A specialty fence is basically a fence that plays a role beyond the scope of typical fencing materials. For homeowners and businesses, the category includes products such as glass wall fences and cable fences. For owners of horses and livestock, it includes animal enclosures made from lodge poles or metal piping. We stock and install a wide range of specialty fences suitable for a variety of uses and settings. As with all other products we carry, we place our focus squarely on quality materials and affordable pricing.

Outdoor Services Contracting

Fencing is just one the areas covered by the experts at All Counties Fence and Supply. We also specialize in the region’s most complete selection of outdoor services. Our areas of focus include:

Landscaping – Landscapers modify and contour outdoor spaces with living, organic materials such as flowers, trees and shrubbery. We carry an extensive inventory of landscaping supplies. In addition, we can help you plan every detail of your landscaping project and install everything from the primary materials to the supporting water and drainage systems. Once installation is complete, we’ll help ensure long-term success with detailed maintenance advice.

Hardscaping – Hardscapers also modify and contour outdoor spaces. However, instead of relying on organic materials, they work with tough, inorganic materials. Homeowners and business owners often combine hardscaping and landscaping while transforming their outdoor spaces. At All Counties, our options in this category include:

  •         Pathways
  •         Steps
  •         Walkways
  •         Water features (e.g., fountains and ponds)
  •         Driveways
  •         Decks
  •         Pergolas, and
  •         Patios

We also carry a range of important accessories for completing your hardscaping project.

Wall Construction – Hardscapers often make wall construction a key element of their plans. Common materials used in this form of construction include stone and masonry, as well as concrete. Our team of professionals have the skill and experience needed to safely create functional and/or ornamental walls made from any of these materials, whether in a residential or commercial setting.

Proudly Serving Jurupa Valley

Jurupa Valley is a city of more than 103,000-plus residents situated in the northwest corner of Riverside County. Incorporated in 2011, it stands as one of the county’s youngest municipalities. Still, the history of habitation in the area extends back centuries, and the older, adjacent City of Riverside actually has its roots on land that’s now part of Jurupa Valley. Neighborhoods found within the city’s borders include Jurupa, Pedley, Glen Avon, Mira Loma, Rubidoux, Sunnyslope, Indian Hills and Jurupa Hills. Residents have ready access to recreational and entertainment opportunities in Riverside, as well as in nearby Box Springs Mountain Reserve Park and Chino Hills State Park.

All Counties Fence and Supply is located right next door to Jurupa Valley in Riverside. In addition to the communities of Riverside County, we provide top-quality installation services to the communities of San Bernardino County. Each of our installation projects is backed by 40 years of knowhow, cost-free estimates and rock-solid material and labor warranties. Come see us today or give us a call and see why we’ve earned the trust and patronage of residents and businesses throughout our region.


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I can't say enough about All Counties Fence & Supply!!! Chris new I needed a fence right away for the security of my dogs and he made sure the waiting time was minimum. The job from start to finish was A++++++++++++++++++++++++++ quality, cleanliness, on time and a bunch a very professional workers. I'm so happy that we went with this company that was highly recommended by a close friend!!!! Our fence looks amazing and we are so happy. Thank you!!