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In Rancho Mirage, people tend to spend as much time outdoors as they do inside, both at home and when dining out. This means that fencing and outdoor services are very important in the area, for residents and business owners alike. All Counties Fence and Supply has been serving Rancho Mirage and the Riverside area since 1978, offering top-quality products as well as landscaping, hardscaping, and wall installation services. Whether you have a small project you want to tackle or want to make a significant change to your outdoor space, we have the products, services, and support it takes to get the job done.


Fences have a variety of applications in both residential and commercial properties. They can be used to increase security, making it more difficult to access the enclosed space or preventing those on the property from being injured. Some types of fencing are designed to prevent people from seeing in, offering privacy, and even some degree of soundproofing. Then there are those fencing types that are essentially just decorative, enhancing the look of your space. No matter why you want a fence for your property, we can offer you the products you need. Below are the types of fences we carry.

Wood Fences

The oldest type of fencing, wood fences are practical, affordable, and timeless. While many alternatives have hit the market over the years, the popularity of wood fences has never waned. As wood is a flexible material to work with, you can get most any fence design made in wood, meeting your needs while bringing in a sense of warmth. This type of fencing tends to last a long time when properly cared for, usually just needing a bit of maintenance about once a year. All Counties Fence and Supply stocks natural redwood, cedar, and Rightwood fencing. We can customize the stain and offer a variety of finishes, making it easy to achieve a custom look.

Iron Fences

Iron fences are ideal for properties that could benefit from added elegance. No matter how minimalist the design of an iron fence, it will always feel regal. If your property happens to have a stunning view, an iron fence will allow you to continue enjoying it while greatly improving security. While iron fences tend to be more expensive than other options, they offer desirable benefits. Iron fences are incredibly durable, able to last centuries when properly treated, and in terms of maintenance, little is needed. We use high-grade tubular-gauge galvanized steel in our fences since it is easier to cover with primer, paint, or powder coating and better stand up to the climate here in Rancho Mirage.

Chain-Link Fences

Sometimes function and cost supersede aesthetics. If you are looking to fence in a large amount of land, need fencing that is exceptionally tall, or just want to fence in your property with the most cost-effective option possible, chain-link fencing is a solid choice. It is not the prettiest fence to look at, but it certainly gets the job done. Our team specializes in chain-link fencing and can help you get a custom solution for your property.

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fencing has changed a lot over the years. When it first emerged on the market, it tended to have a highly inorganic look to it and also struggled to withstand heat and direct sunlight—not so good in Southern California. But modern vinyl fencing has done away with such issues. We offer options that mimic the look of wood and have no trouble withstanding the heat and sun. In addition, vinyl is the easiest type of fence to take care of, requiring nothing more than cleaning when it gets dirty. We are the region’s top-rated outlet for Ply Gem vinyl fences, an industry leader in vinyl fencing. Our vinyl fencing comes in many different styles and colors.

Specialty Fences

While the fencing types listed above are the most commonly requested fencing types, we are also able to offer you more specialized fencing. This includes metal pipe rail fences, wood lodge pole fences, cable fences, and even glass wall fences. With these fencing types, you can create a look that is dramatic and unique compared to others in the area.

Outdoor Contracting Services

All Counties Fence and Supply does not stop at just offering Rancho Mirage the very best in fencing and installation; we also offer a full slate of residential and commercial outdoor contacting services. This means that when you work with us, you can fully transform your outdoor space, moving beyond just fencing. Some of the services we can offer you are as follows.


With landscaping, we use organic elements to improve the look and the function of your outdoor space. During the planning stages, we work directly with you to determine which plants to use, how to divide up the space, and which utilitarian items are needed, such as drainage systems. From there, we get to work, using your input to inform us as we go. In the end, you will have the outdoor space you have been dreaming of, completely customized for your space.


While landscaping focuses on organic elements, hardscaping is about larger and non-organic items that complement the landscaping. In most cases, hardscaping is about increasing the function of your space without sacrificing the look you wish to achieve. Some of the hardscaping services we can offer you are:

-Masonry pathways and steps

-Pergolas and gazebos



-Water features



-Patio covers

-Pathway lights

-Shelter tops

Wall Construction

Wall construction is a subset of hardscaping. Using walls outdoors can serve a variety of purposes. In some cases they are vital in preventing mudslides that can endanger your property and others. In others, they are used to divide spaces, create privacy, and enhance the look of the property. Our team can craft outdoor walls from cement, concrete blocks, and even glass. We also specialize in creating safety walls around outdoor stairs.

Proudly Serving the City of Rancho Mirage

If you own a home or business in Rancho Mirage and need help with fencing, landscaping, hardscaping, or outdoor walls, call on All Counties Fence and Supply. We are happy to offer you a free estimate on the work you want done, and all our work and supplies are backed by warranties. Contact us today or come visit our showroom at 18440 Van Buren Boulevard in Riverside.


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